RPET fabric

2019-12-17 11:53:27

RPET fabric 

At present, the PET plastic bottles of consumption is very high, the recycle of waste PET bottles, can not only reduce environmental pollution,but also can turn wasit to wealth. A ton of renewable PET yarn = 4.2 tons of carbon dioxide = 67000 plastic oil province

0.0364 t = 6.2 tons of saving water, but only a few used at present, the rest of the thrown out, causing the waste of resources
and environmental pollution.So the recycling technology has broad prospects.
(1) the RPET fabric use coke bottle recycling recycled fiber raw material, after recovery coke bottle roll into pieces, classics
A reel off raw silk from cocoons, recycled and effectively reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, than conventional process production of polyester fiber.Save nearly 80% of the energy.Commonly known as for coke bottle green cloth (RPETfabric).
(2) this product because of its recycling, so abroad especially in Europe and the United States is very popular in developed countries,

, bag, school bags, socks, bags, fashion bags, condole belt unlined upper garment, antibacterial maternity clothes, T-shirt, children's wear, men's and women's leisure outfit, dust coat, feather (warm) antibacterial close-fitting clothing, work uniforms, baby clothes, gloves, scarves, towels, bath towel,Material in the locker, beach pants, suits, pajamas, sportswear, beam bag, gift bags, jackets, handbags, shopping bags, hats, shoes, bags, umbrellas, curtains and so on.

We have produced many garments which are made from RPET fabric,belowing are some photos of our Jacket which made from RPET fabric.


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